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How to Hotwire a Car!

Disclaimer: This is only if you lost your keys. It is illegal to hotwire a car that is not yours. We, here at Junk Car Nation, do not condone any drunken joyrides with stolen vehicles. Unless you call us first.

1. Get your stuff together: You’re gonna need 1 flathead screwdriver with an insulated handle, 1 cordless drill and a small drill bit.

2. Time to get down and dirty: There is a flap at the end of the keyhole. Set the drill on the keyhole about 2/3 of the way up and drill in about the length of a key. This will destroy your lock pins and make the key switch able to be turned on and off without a key. Every pin has 2 sections, followed by a spring, so drill it more than once, removing the drill each time to allow the bits of the lock inside to fall into place.

3. The hard part is over: Insert the screwdriver in the keyhole the same way you would put your key in.  Since the pins are already broken, the screwdriver need not go in very deep.

4. Look out for COPS: Now,  just turn it and presto! Congratulations! You have just committed a felony. If it is indeed your car, you should probably know that this method of hotwiring will destroy your key switch and thus allow  anyone with a screwdriver to  steal your car. Good times.



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